Where are you freezing the frames

I may just have the wrong set of friends but I cannot find anyone that has an old chest style deep freezer. I have two refrigerators with the freezer on top and there is no way I can fit a flow frame in the freezer standing up so the uncapped honey does not flow out everywhere. I am not even sure I can fit one laying down. Can someone describe in a bit more detail how to handle this issue. I may be able to harvest some this year but most of the frames are going to be just partially filled so I either have to try and freeze and then store or put the flow frame box below the brood box. Which would be better. I also have the same problem with a deep of traditional frames that are just partially filled.

Empty and feed back to the bees

I agree with Dee. Empty the frames and feed it back to the bees. I did it with mine before I froze them. Once they had been in the freezer 24 hours I pulled them and stored them until next season.