Where is the best location for feed?

Hello everyone! Good morning from colorful Colorado:) So I am adding my 2nd deep today for my new 4 day old first colony. It’s been over 90 degrees everyday here and looks to stay that way for awhile. Watching the girls they are bringing in lots of pollon and I peeked into the hive and they are almost done filling out all of the frames I added to make it a 10 frame colony already. I will do my full first brood inspection today before I put on the new deep. So after all that information to the question, do I need to feed them before winter? And if so, should I put the pollon patty above the new deep or in-between the 2 deeps? And I just recieved a top feeder that fits under the roof for sugar syrup as well. Thank you tons! Have a great week!!!

I would only feed them pollen if they don’t have enough. Pollen is not usually an issue at this time of year. If they have about one to one and a half frames of pollen on inspection, that is plenty. Your queen will probably stop laying in a couple of months, and they won’t need much pollen until the new season starts next year. If they do need it, it would be sensible to put it near the brood nest = on top of the first brood box. :wink:

As it is late in the season, and you just added a second brood box, I would feed them syrup, yes. I make up a solution of 5 parts what granulated sugar in 3 parts water. I bring the water to a rolling boil, then remove it from the heat. Stir in the sugar off the heat for a minute, then stir every 5 minutes or so until it has dissolved. Do NOT boil the solution once you have added the sugar - that can create caramel products which are toxic for bees. :blush:

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You’re the bestest!! Thank you

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