Where to buy foundationless frames with comb guide

Hello - Flow Hives have been sold out of the Flow Hive foundationless frames with comb guides so I was wondering if anyone can tell me where I could pick some up in the Northern Calif area just below Sacramento, as I need some now. I’ve seen unassembled frames being sold in a couple bee stores fairly close by, but they don’t have the comb guide. Is there a way to substitute something for the comb guide and also, which type of frame (I see wedge top and groove top but have no idea what that means) would I buy for my 10 frame deep?

I glued in a paint stirrer (like you get with your paint at lowes) that I split lengthwise in half. Or, you could buy some foundation and cut it into strips.

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Do you buy your extra frames in the bee supply stores? If yes, can you tell me which I should get for foundationless frames…the choices are wedged top or grooved top? I have only used the Flow frames, so I don’t know which of those I would buy.

Groove top and then I glued the strip of paint stirrer into the groove. Any bee supply will have them.

Thanks for that info!

intersting happy bkeeping :smile: