Where to buy nucs or packages in Canberra?

Any recommendations for sellers in Canberra? I’m looking to buy either a package or nuc around early September. Which would be easier for a beginner?
Also looking for a hive tool and maybe a second-hand suit.

Do a google search for commercial bee keepers in the Canberra area. I can’t send you in the right direction bu in the industrial area on Canberra there is a bee keeping Supplier who also sells nucs.
I would start with a nuc in the Spring so that you can begin with a less intimidating colony size so you can learn as the hive numbers build up.
Make sure you have all the gear you need before you get the bees, there is no bigger turn off in bee keeping than being attacked by an angry hive.
Welcome to the amazing world of bee keeping, it is interesting, you will never stop learning and have a heap of fun as you go.

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