Nucleus and bees sydney

Does anyone know where I can obtain nuts and bees in sydney for spring?

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Sorry George, what did you.mean “nuts”?

Where are you in Sydney? We can help you get bees, just need to understand your circumstances, e.g. hive type, do you have bees or any experience?

Sorry it was meant to say “Nucs”. I am in Kensington, Sydney near Randwick racecourse. Wanting to start a hive with a new queen and Nucleus.

Then Sydney bee club are not too far away from you and I heard from the Doug Purdie the other week that he is setting up a bee supply shop near mascot which should be ready by spring. The next nearest supply shop is Hornsby Bee Supplies which also supply packaged bees and queens around late September and October from Blayney. If you are specifically after a Nuc then get onto the
Though bees are not usually available till late spring. Another option is to ask the bee club if you can go on their swarm list. Hope this helps.


Hi, I’m also looking for where to start. I’m in the Blue Mountains up near Katoomba.
There doesn’t seem to be a local bee-keeping group here. Any ideas on who is the best bet for buying a Nuc?
Note: I’m pretty much a total newbie in this area - though I did go to one of the Sydney bee-keepers bee-days before I moved here.

Might be a good idea to start with one of your local community gardens as well. There is one in Katoomba.

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@taryneast bet there is lovely flowering trees there in the Blue Mountains.

There is a little cafe done in about 20’s style - Paragon Cafe - bet they would love to have local honey on the menu!!

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That might be a good place to try :slight_smile:

Have you had a look at the Amateur Beekeepers (ABA), they have a branch at Nepean and Bathurst, so you can take your pick. Bathurst is very new but Nepean is well established. As for bees, your choices are a package, nuc or swarm. If you can get in to a club you may get a free swarm otherwise expect to between 100-200 for package or nuc.

Are bees in a swarm likely to be more or less strong/disease-free (on average) than bees bought as package?

Hi Taryn, swarms usually are with an aging queen, I recently took in a swarm only to find it was full of chalkbrood, it took months to get under control and I eventually had to replace the queen which brought the fungus infection in the brood under control, they also turned nasty which was another good reason to replace her. The packages I bought from a Sydney beekeeping store have been excellent, no disease and very docile. A nucleus hive is best source of bees to get your hands on as you can inspect for disease prior to accepting them. saying that, unless you know a good beekeeper or breeder they can be difficult to get in a city.

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thanks :smile: all new stuff to me… and just hoping to get enough info to start out well.

Hi TarynEast
I am a member of the Amateur Beekeeping Association Nepean Branch and a fellow Flow hive beginner. There is a website.
The next meeting is at the Nepean High School on Sunday 13 September 2015 at 9.30 am
As a new beekeeper I find the meetings very informative and helpful and the people are as beekeepers tend to be a very diverse and interesting bunch. You don’t have to have a hive to come along and learn something, bring your bee suit as we maintain the school hives.

Yay - ok thanks I’ll be there this Sunday. :slight_smile:

Hi yes I have nucs, strong hives and training g in Sydney!!!

I have a lot of experience with flow hives and getting them buzzing!!:wink:
drop me a line. add your mobile please!!

Hi I have some if you are interested. :wink:

Hi Taryne

The local Bee Association club is at Nepean. They meet once a month on a Sunday at Nepean High School. Their next meeting is this Sunday 14/2 at 9.30am. I will be attending myself in the upcoming months. If you look on Gumtree, there are some Nucs being sold around the city area for $140.