Where to place hive

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Very excited,only just ordered my first hive,so I know nothing,I know I have a lot to learn,and very much looking forward to learning all the things I need to know,quick question for now,I live on a 5 acre rural block, and have no clue where I should locate the hive,any suggestions greatly appreciated .
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Given your in Bullsbrook you might want to also post this question in the WA thread.

I’d suggest placing it with a northern exposure (to maximise warmth) and have the entrance facing in an easterly direction to get the morning spring/summer sun. If you get afternoon summer shade, that’s a bonus. Try and avoid somewhere that will be damp and cold for most of winter. Also, direct the entrance (flight path) away from any thoroughfare or path.

The above advice being given, my hive is placed against most of that advice due to my block. I’ve got my hive on a southern exposure with the entrance facing west. It gets mid morning to late afternoon spring/summer sun. It’s up against the house so that helps stabilise winter temperature fluctuations.

Given where we live, your number 1 friend is sun and warmth. By the good graces of our remoteness if we can help the bees keep the hive warm through positioning they take care of most things that will affect their health (we don’t really have any nasties that afflict other parts of the world).

Hive positioning has been discussed in other threads, including that WA one I mentioned. So if you search you’ll find a range of opinions. REMEMBER to flip North/South exposure comments depending on where people are located.


Oh, given you’re on 5 acres, have you got a water source? Positioning in close proximity to that, in preference to shade, will be useful for hot spring/summer days.

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@SnowflakeHoney Alan has given all the right advise, if you have a tree that can can provide some summer shade so much the better, even plant a few evergreen shrubs on the western side of the hive if you can water them till they can survive on the rain. I would aim on having the hive about 30 metres away from the house and other structures, that is close enough that you have easy access to the hive but far enough away that the bees will not become a problem.
Be aware this is a world wide forum and covering the extremes of climate and everything in between and both hemispheres.
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