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Why are all my bees flying around my hive?


all my bees are flying out the hive it is about 11:20 I am wanting to know whats happening?


Were they flying around or away?
Around…orientation flights
Away, individually…foraging
Away, en masse…swarming


At 11.20, I wouldn’t mind betting that your colony is swarming. Let’s hope it’s only orientation flights. A brood inspection would definitely be warranted, if you haven’t already done so.


In my part of the world, New Jersey USA, orientation flights take place at around 2-3 pm.


1 When was you last weekly hive inspection?
2 Did you see queen cells and what did you do about them?
3 Was the brood box over crowded? If ‘yes’ what did you do about it?
4 What have you done to reduce the risk of the hive swarming?
As it is past 11:20 I suspect you have left the barn door open and the horse has bolted, so to say. But you might expect it to happen again so switch your thinking to positive/preventative bee keeping.