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Wildflower seeds FREE and it's not a gimmick


I deleted this post because the offer is over.


Just last night my wife actually found this, and I believe she applied for some seeds.


So, is this for USA only?


If you’re going to be planting wildflowers…have you seen these ‘seedballs’ or ‘seed bombs’. Great for inaccessible places. I have been meaning to try this method at my place due to all the hills.


@Cowgirl @BeeHiveYourself For any Australian’s considering importing seeds (what this would be) you really want to check AQIS restrictions first.





I signed up for mine, a friend of mine shared it on Facebook yesterday. I think it’s a great idea. At the very least maybe some abandoned lots will get a wildflower make over


Unfortunately the Cheerio’s free seeds program was so successful they have run out. Their original goal was to give a way 100 million seeds and ended up giving away 1.5 BILLION! I hope they do this again for next year!


So, I read an article that discussed some of the seeds they are distributing are for species that will be considered invasive in certain areas.

Now I’m wondering if we should use the ones they are sending us.


We got ours in the mail yesterday!


Us as well, now if the foot of snow would just melt…