Winter feeding and hive weight

I’m new to beekeeping and looks like my girls have survived their first winter. I have been feeding them some sugar syrup for the last few weeks of winter as the hive was getting light and they seem to have really fired up activity wise. Can anyone help me with a rough idea of the weight of a flow brood box and lid only is so I know how well (or not) the bees are going with storage and brood.

The weight you are asking about will depend if your hive is made of cedar or pine and if it is an 8 or a 10 frame brood box. The only way to know how thew brood box is building up is to pick a day of over 22c and little wind and do your regular inspection. Look at the supplies of nectar, honey and pollen in the frames. That will give you a lot more information than only the weight.
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thanks Peter48 I have done quite a few weights, I’m kicking myself I didn’t do a start weight just to have some idea of a baseline. I’m desperately hanging out for my first warm day to get back in for the first inspection of the new season. Unfortunately in the Adelaide hills I have to cool my heels (and everything else) as spring is a late starter here.
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If your in the Mt Barker area before you have it warm enough to do an inspection it will be about early September. I lived at Nairne for a few years back in the 1960’s. One thing about your cold Winter is that nothing will change fast. I’m already doing Spring splits to reduce the swarming urge.
I’m a bit ‘old school’ in my bee keeping having been at it for 48 years but I’m still learning. :smile: To be honest I have never weighed a hive thinking a look in the hive will give you all the info you will need to manage the hive.