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Winter flow frames


Would it be possible to over winter the flow frames on the hive as they have stores in, or would they cause too much condensation and drip onto the brood?
Any help appreciated.


It will help people answer your question if they know where you are. The forum has people from around the world. For example I’m in SW Western Australia in an urban environment and I’m comfortable leaving my flow frames on over winter. But My climate is very mild winters, very rarely do I get overnight temps below 5oC.



I’m in Norfolk U.K.


I would do a google search for a bee group in your area and do as they suggest is right for your climate. Even a local bee keeper should offer his advise. It really all depends on you local Winter conditions. Maybe @Dee could be of help.


No. Take them off.
They shouldn’t drip honey, after all the cells are capped but what will happen is that the bees will move up there to eat the stores and your queen will be laying there in the spring
What is the stores situation in the brood box?
It’s too late to feed syrup so if they have little in the way if honey in the box you will have to give them at least 5kg if fondant and keep an eye on how quickly it goes.


Hi Dee
They have 3 full frames of honey and what’s stored around brood, think that should see them through


They need around 5 Lang frames worth of stores so it sounds like they are fine. The best place for stores is in the brood box too.