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Winter Plan in Dallas, Texas?


Hi Folks -

I started my Flow Hive in April of 2016. Added a second brood box in the summer and decided not to add the Flow Hive super until next year to ensure I have the strongest possible colony. After the most recent inspection, I see all the good stuff (brood, pollen, honey) and the boxes are PACKED with busy bees.Queen is still laying eggs.

QUESTION - with warmish weather continuing in North Texas, should I consider swapping out a few frames to prevent overcrowding, should I add a medium super, or should i just let the bees figure it out with the two brood boxes as is?

I’m planning to add the flow frames in the spring.



Where are you, I am at Frandford and the Tollway. I installed my NUC March 12th. I go to the Collin County bee club

I would leave every thing alown. They need everything they have to make it thru winter. Being only one year, it is unlikely that they will sworm right now but spring, they may.

I have a sound device that I could come over and run a test to see if they may sworm. http://www.littlecreekbeeranch.com/Apivox-Auditor.html

Also would like to make more friends that have the flow frame and in the area.

here is my set up https://ride.smugmug.com/Honey-Bees/Untitled-Project-13/