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Winter storage/ wax moth?


As I think about storing my flow frames for the winter, do I need to worry about wax moth in the small amount of wax present on the flow frames?


Not if they are wet and well sealed. Leave them in the flow super topped and bottomed with a solid crown board


They’re empty frames. I have to bring them in to avoid freezing, I just wasn’t sure if moths would lay eggs in the tiny amount of wax that covered the plastic flow frames.


Probably not. There is nothing much for them to eat. Moth larvae like cocoons


Do NOT avoid freezing. That’s what kills the wax moths. Leave them outside where they will freeze.



flow frames too? i took them off the hive because of the recommendation to
avoid freezing them. i was gonna keep them in a fairly well insulated barn
that will get down to the low 40s and maybe lower, but likely won’t freeze
super hard. if i left them on the hive, it would get into the teens mostly
and occasionally single digits.


I would take them off the hive to avoid freezing the bees, not to avoid freezing the frames. :smile:


Yes, flow frames too. You want to kill the wax moths. Freezing will not harm them.