Wire needed in foundationless frames in Perth, WA (hot summers)?

Hey guys, I’ve got my new hive built, awaiting my 1st NUC in Spring. I’ve done some searching and reading on this and am after local, Perth WA advice on whether or not people recommend using wire in the brood frames (foundationless)? A mate with a hive recommends using wire due to the hot summers and risk of natural comb falling out during inspections in summer.

Appreciate peoples advice.

I would follow your mate’s advice, because, with respect, at this stage has more experience than you. Plus, if he’s a good mate, he wouldn’t give you a bum steer.

@skeggley , I think is in Perth might go one step further & recommend using foundation. Also find out what your nuc supplier recommends to use. That would be a good guide.


Wiring frames is always a good idea unless frames are used for some specific purpose requiring cutting comb. Like wax production, reducing the population of drones.

By the way, why don’t you want to use wax foundation?


If you put ‘foundationless frames’ in the search here you’ll see many posts on this, and the advice is fairly consistent to use some manner of support for Lang deep frames. I fit all of mine with three bamboo skewers. In Aus you have lovely pure miticide-free foundation available, so that would be my choice if I were you :wink:


Agree with the others, wire and wax foundation in the brood box. I think most of us start out trying foundationless and end up with foundation.
I only use foundationless in the hybrid supers now for cut comb and even then use wire. I keep meaning to try skewers but haven’t got there yet.


Thanks all for the advice. After reading this, I’m going to take the advice and go with wired frames and wax foundation in the brood box.