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Setting up the frames

Hi Gal and Guys, I am about to receive my first family of bees. I have built my hives 9 months ago and just realised I have not learnt or enquired about their setup…should I use wire and or the sheets? Seems heaps of video on ‘how to’, but not ‘on should I’? I am in the Alpine area south of Canberra. Thanks, Olivier

The wiring of frames is primarily if you intend to extract honey from your frames using a centrifugal extractor, it also acts to hold the wax foundation sheets in place for new frames. Those foundation sheets will prevent the bees from drawing comb at odd angles ensuring your regular inspections will be easier.

Thanks for the reply Rodderick…so the answer would be NO, I do not need to set up the wire and sheet…rather i let the bees do their own thing.?

Hi Olivier, if you are setting up a brood box for the first time, I would actually recommend using wire and full sheets of foundation. How are you getting your bees? Package, Swarm, Nuc or hive?


Hi Rodderick, It comes as a package in a box via Bunyip…pick up is in Canberra.

OK, so no frames will come with this. Wired and waxed frames will be the best solution for you as the bees will build straight onto the foundation without any risk of cross-combing. It gives them a head-start and you ease of mind.

Excellent…I need some peace of mind…feelin a little nervous. Thanks for the advise!..can I ask another question…is there a good online shop for the wire and sheets? I’m in Jindabyne and there is nothing local.

Bindaree bee supplies are near Canberra, they do sell wired and waxed frames and might be able to help. Give them a call. They also make some very nice Mead too… :star_struck:

Brilliant…will do…and will also try the mead…maybe another project for next year!

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All the best with your new bees, hopefully you will get some rain down your way soon. I was down there in Jindabyne and Bombala a couple of months back, looked very dry.