Wire tension of flow frames

Is there a way to know what is the correct tension of the wire holding the flow frames? Mine seem to be a bit loose.


That’s awesome ffffred.

Yep, mine are way too loose then. That’s how they came from Flow.

I hope the plastic won’t break when prying with a screwdriver.

well given you’re just starting, you have a whole year to play around with the frames and get them right for next Spring :wink:

I was hoping it only takes a few minutes to fix the frames, not a whole year… ha!

Which brings to my next question. Assuming the bees in the nuc get going nicely and the brood box gets populated, shouldn’t I be aiming at adding the super with flow frames by the end of summer? That’s what I’ve been told by the guy that sold me the nuc.

True, if they are bursting at the seams, put the super on. I prefer a more concrete way of assessing whether they are ready, so I have 3 simple rules, all of which must be true to go ahead:

  1. Every frame has fully drawn comb
  2. Every frame is at least 80% full of food or brood
  3. Every frame is completely covered with bees

That way, you are certain that they need the space, and have enough workers to use it and defend it. :blush:


Had to tighten the wires on mine too, piece of cake when following the video.

Heed thou yon word of @Dawn_SD regarding bee population and supering :speaking_head::ear:t2: