Langstroth conversion

Excited to get my flow frames and cutting out my Langstroth.
Question: with the seven frames tight together, there’s a half inch space at the box sides. Is that ok?


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Yes it is. Flow puts some shims at the edges of the box, about the thickness of tongue depressors or craft sticks - around 2-3mm thick. They just help to keep the frames together. :blush:

Perfect, thank you. :+1:

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Just to clarify, the shims are stapled to the hive wall at the ends of the frames on the long edge. It is easier to visualize if you think that the intent is just to keep the frames “shoulder to shoulder”. Over time, the frames get coated with propolis, and I have removed the shims on one of my supers, otherwise it is very hard to get the frames back into the box. This is very much an adaptive process! :blush:

I was just looking at that. Thanx Dawn_SD. :face_with_monocle:

Is it me or does that wire look loose in that first photo?

Hey Ffffred,
I have just recieved the frames last week. They’re my first so I wouldn’t know what would be concidered loose.
Thanx for the keen eye though.

They might be fine, but have a look and adjust if necessary. Last thing you want is to find that you lose your honey due to the wires not holding it together. Our kill bees from flooding. Check out this thread: