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Woohoo! The girls are putting honey in the flow frames! Houston, Texas


Well, this is the start of my 2nd season, and the girls have started to pack into the flow frame super! It took awhile, but they finally found interest in the frames. I did not do anything real special to get them there, accept drizzle some honey on the frames, and put some 1:1 feeders above them to coax them up there. Hopefully they fill them soon. I am in Houston Texas, and am not sure how long the flow will last here.


I’m new to bee keeping having just put up my first flow hive last weekend here in East Texas. What was your first year like with the flow frames?


It looked a lot like these pics…

Then, I added the flow frames too late in the season. I added them and found that the only bees :honeybee: that were going in there were just chasing SHB. So I removed the Flow frames, and took a frame of honey from the hive from a fully drawn out frame


So I think maybe if I would have had a stronger hive, or maybe been more patient, then maybe it could have worked. But, I feel like my hive did better not overextending them… i wouldn’t expect getting a bunch of honey though from your colonies first year.I’m by no means experienced enough though to follow my lead😳. Good luck with your hive, and new awesome adventure!!


Generally you don’t rob a first year hive unless its an amazing season. Get them good and strong then work them.



@Cread8482 That looks like a good strong colony and good that the bees are putting honey away in the flow frames with a minimal of fuss.
Where I am there is old growth bushland and national park in abundance and with the sub tropical climate the bees are busy with a lot of trees flowering after recent rains.


Don’t put your flow frames into action till you have a second box 80% full of honey and rub some bees wax over the frames so that the bees will accept them better. Don’t expect the flow frames to be full of honey in your first year, you may not even get to use them as the hive builds up in strength.
Welcome to the forum. lots of nice folks and good advise here just for the asking if you can’t find the information you are after.


Wow. Once they start on the flow frames, you are on the way. Congratulations.
My first nuc gave me a harvest 4 months later, but others took way longer.
I understand in other climates you need 2 broodboxes, which takes a hive much longer to build up, and then some have freezing winters.

Your bees started up there, your next good nectar flow will be amazing!
Not much longer now!