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Worker bees in super?

Hi, I left my super on through the winter and now coming into spring. Can the colony produce worker bee in the super? or just drones?

If there is no queen excluder, and the queen goes upstairs to lay eggs, chances are they will be drones. Not sure I can say I’ve seen anyone mention worker brood in the flow super. Seems always to be drone brood, sometimes from the queen that got around the queen excluder, if there was one, and sometimes from laying workers.

I took the excluder off in the Autumn

No. Only drones because the cells are too big for workers. I would strongly recommend that you take the Flow super off over winter in your climate. Bees are very likely to glue it up with propolis if you don’t… :dizzy_face:

Thank you. I had left it on as they had filled it with ivy and set very quickly

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Sounds like you didn’t have much choice then! :blush: