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Would this product be helpful?


I am just starting out acquiring equipment and supplies. For those of you with lots of equipment and experience, would this be helpful? Seems like a good idea, but is it necessary is there an equally good way to store frames etc?


OK, so Mrs/Dr Gadget here is interested… As usual, I have a couple of comments.

  1. The way I have always done it is to transport my traditional frames in supers. It worked just fine. I clear the whole super first with a bee escape on an inner cover below the super, then lift the super onto a sealed (no hole, or covered hole) inner cover below, and another sealed inner cover above off the hive for extraction. If I have to transfer the frames to a plastic box, there is a chance I could get a lot more bees back onto the frames during the transfer.
  2. The campaign doesn’t say how deep the box is. If it is only for mediums or shallows, fine, but it would be helpful to know that deeps wouldn’t fit.
  3. The Flow frames are extra wide - only 6 in an 8-frame box. I can’t tell whether the lateral spacing would work for Flow frames, or for people who run 9 or 8 frames in a 10-frame Langstroth.

In summary, I am going to rein in my enthusiasm, and let others find the path, unless I can get more info. :wink:


I hadn’t really thought about it for transporting Flow frames, but I know many of us are using traditional frames as well as the Flow, so it might be useful. I imagine my second hive will be a traditional hive just to have experience with it as well. I didn’t notice the depth on it either, but it would make sense to just make them deep as standard, then you cover all three bases with one product, but that is a good point. An extra box would be a good option as well, and probably much less expensive, although this would likely be much easier to clean if honey spilled etc.


Maybe, but I found that hosing the wood stuff down outside works fast for me. When it is waxed and propolised the honey slides off pretty quickly. :smile: