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Zero cost solar wax melter

I thought I’d share my experimental no cost solar wax melter, inspired by @skeggley’s contraption.

I just used a pasta pot with a glass lid, placed a container in the bottom, and suspended some burr comb I had accumulating in a tub in the shed.

It worked. The end product is a bit unsightly, but I’m sure it can be melted again into a nicer smaller mould. The pasta pot stays clean and can still be used for cooking.

I like this because I’m just re-using and multi purposing things I already have.

Is there a good use for the byproduct (slumgum)? Can it go in the compost bin? Or maybe used as a fire-starter?


Some water in the bottom of the pan will help in cleaning the wax further but a good idea for small amounts of wax.
Jeff and I, after his advice, dig the slum gum in the garden, the worms really love it. Prior to @JeffH tip I put mine into the wheelie bin not knowing its use.
A good series of pics Perth, and thanks.


Noice one, I started with a wok, the key is thermal mass. :wink:
If you want some insul like my melter is made of PM me. Recycle reuse. Just need some glass, poly carb or acrylic panel and a bit of ingenuity.

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Do you achieve that by having a lot of wax Skeggley? Or maybe the thermal mass in the box walls itself?

I was surprised my pot worked so well, it was just the solar radiation trapped in the small volume under the lid.

Thanks for the offer. I have some foam roof insulation offcuts and I might have finally found a good use for them. Will make a bigger more efficient one with them.


Yous lot are going nuts in this isolation lock down :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Pete48s still leading the charge on this one :wink:

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