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2nd inspection - LN frames adapted and all bees transferred to Langstroth


So I finally worked out the simplest way I could move my bees from the LN hive and into my langstroth hive with some tips from some clever peeps on here.

I used three sides of a langstroth frame (top and two sides) & I sat the 3 sided frame over the top of the existing LN frame and used a cable tie at either end to secure them. They fit snug into the langstroth and I really hope that it’s ok as changing or modifying again will be a pain…???

The LN hive had 10 frames in it but the two at each opposite end had only the comb built out but nothing in them yet. So I removed those all together and just have the remaining 8 in My langstroth (8 frame).

Next time I’ll get a better photo as an example but it’s very similar to one on the forum that was converted from UK national.

They were all very well behaved and easily moved over to their new home. There was a very loud noise from the girls when I moved the queen frame to the new box - is that a queen less roar - or just them telling me to hurry up and move on! :joy:

I went back later I check on them and there were zero left in the old box so I assume and good they all made it safely to their new home :house_with_garden:

I managed to spot the queen (she is marked :wink:) she looked to move slower that others I’ve seen on videos but I hope that doesn’t mean anything…

I saw a video recently on how to count bees on frames, and using that method I actually only have 4 frames full with bees :honeybee:

I also left them with a bag of sugar paste sat on the inside cover. I made a cross with a knife and upturned it over the hole. Is there a limit to how much they should have? (The bag was 2 kg)




Sounds good but now its time for you to really feed them to get that little hive as ready as you can for your winter. You have a real winter as opposed to our little cool period so get them full of stores.



Sounds good. I would have liked to have seen a pic of your modification though. Do you one available?
It’s handy for everyone to see it in case they also want to convert from LN to Langstroth.

P.S. I haven’t heard of this LN size before.
Is it short from another term? And is it popular in Sweden?


Hi Faroe,

Yes I realised afterwards I hadn’t got a good photo of it :roll_eyes: I’m working on my camera skills, but next time I will get one and add it here.

It’s a Swedish hive called Nacka LN? They are extremely popular here, when I was at the bee store, the walls were stacked high with them. They are made of polystyrene so they are very light.



Hey Rob!
Yes sireee I left them with 2 kg of sugar paste to suck on so that should keep them happy. I have no idea how long that will last though - check next time I go in!


No worries :slight_smile: Just thought I would ask.


Hi all!

Here is a photo of the LN Nacka frames attached with cable ties to a langstroth frame so they would fit snugly :slight_smile:

2 weeks later they have built comb in the side gaps😳


That’s how I got some Warre frames going for a friend. Worked a treat.