Adapting Deep National frames to fit Jumbo Langstroth brood box

I have been offered a nuc on Deep National frames
I have a Jumbo Langstroth brood box
Any ideas on modifying the Deep National Frames to fit my Langstroth?
Is there a simple method. it’s about 1.6 inches longer either side I think.

Just thought I would ask before I try to reinvent the wheel :slight_smile:

I can’t imagine any simple way to convert National frames to Langstroth… It’s not like you can cut them down…

I think it;s the opposite - Langstroth 19" National 17" so you would have to add an inch either side to hang National frames in a Langstroth hive. Or have I got something wrong?

Cut the comb out of the national frames and rubber band them into the langstroth. They will fill in the gaps and reattach to the new frame. Then you don’t have to mess with modifying any hardware.


I have the same issue this season. I ordered a US Cedar Aussie size Langstroth box and I can only get a wintered nun supplied on British national frames. I have heard of adaptor kits or simply using a little wire to fix the national frame, at either end, to the top bar of your langstroth brood frame (meaning you would have to deconstruct some of your langstroth frames). If anyone has a fix for this i would love to know and I’m sure the bees would appreciate it.

I think it might be illegal to tie a nun up in a hive… :blush: However, for a nucleus on British standard frames, you can click on the links in this post:



Heres an example from a recovered hive comb suspended into a langstroth frame