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7.5ltrs, 34 8oz jars of Spring floral Honey

First harvest of the year for me from my FlowHive2 8 frame hive at home. 4 frames out of the 6.

Had to stop tasting as I was feeling sick I had sooo much :rofl:.

14 jars handed out to my neighbours.

I love seeing the different colours from the first couple of jars from each frame to then slightly darker as each additional jar is filled.

17-17.5% water content not that this will last long at work. All monies from the honey hues straight back into the welfare of the bees and any replacement kit or sundries.

Not a bad way to spend a few hours on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Thank you Flow. Doesn’t get any less exciting harvesting honey. Life changing :kiss::heart:


The honey looks beautiful and tasty! Pretty yard/garden set up too…what a good day!

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