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Germany - my first harvest!


I’m soo exited! I got my very first honey on friday! It’s soooo tasty! :smiley:
I took the frame out, because I wanted to see what happens to the wax cappings and so on. And because I wanted to make that video and let everybody see everything. German folks are critical and sceptical about new things, that change everything they used to do for 40 years… So I wanted to make clear that there’s no foul magic illusion behind that :wink:
I’m well aware that the honey may not be ripe yet. It’s running very quickly, so I guess it’s still quite moist. But on the other hand we had 35°C that day… :sunny:

1,5kg of very yummy honey :smile:

Advice needed: Bees take honey OUT from honey super
Flowhive feasible in Germany?

Lovely! Well done. Just a lovely sight.


Angy how exciting!!! I’m so happy for you :rainbow::honeybee::two_hearts::blush:

What a great idea to show the frame outside the box. I hope that helps the naysayers see how ingenious and totally harmless Flow frames are!

YUM :heart:


As a rule of thumb if the honey is capped its ripe
What did happen to the cappings btw ?


Nothing really exciting. Some did open up and a little honey dripped out. But all in all they stayed intact.

That’s after draining of the honey.


@AngoraAngy thanks for sharing. :smiley:


Vielen Dank!
I really liked this video :slight_smile:


congrats! :slight_smile:


Thanks. Will have two guys over tomorrow, who want to watch the honey flow ^^

Oh, by the way, something funny and serious in one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVnmB7Mc72U


Nice video! I liked being able to see it from the side of the frame!

(And question: where did you get that neat honey pump? Not that I need to make it any easier for the 12 year old to consume honey…)



Nice video.
Maybe this explains how the honey has been leaking into some folks hives. I could see honey running down the outside of the frame.

Interesting how much the whole frame twists in order to open it.

Was there no honey in the center? If not, maybe the bees were making a brood nest with honey around the outside and awaiting the queen to come and lay in the center.


Ebay :wink: It comes with two different sized screw on lids with the appropriate hole in them and two extension tubes for different sizes of glasses. Works really fine, no drop is wasted, no mess to clean up. ^^

No, those cells were completed with wax, but still empty. The thing with the brood nest preparation sounds sensible. They don’t know that Mom won’t get up there through the QE. The outer frame, which is visible through the window, is being filled from the center on.

I really hope that it will never come apart while opening with all that honey in it… That would be a hell of a mess! :scream:


thanks for sharing the video.