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Short video of first Flow Hive harvest from Pennsylvania, USA


I’m a second year beekeeper, having taken up beekeeping last year with four Flowhives. After a successful overwintering of all four hives, they emerged strong and I was eager to see if I would get honey this year. The bees produced a good amount of honey last year, but since it was their (and my) first year, I left the honey for them to get through the winter. So far one hive has produced almost 4.5 gallons of the sweet stuff. Two more hives are also pretty full and I will harvest them shortly once all the cells are capped. The fourth hive swarmed earlier this spring, and its population took a big hit, but it’s back up to “normal” levels now, but too late for the spring flow, so no honey from that hive. But here’s a short video showing 6 quarts of honey being produced from only two Flow Frames…



Congratulations on your honey harvest.

You probably only need to create one thread on your honey harvest.


I didn’t intend to create two. I thought the first didn’t post successfully so I created another. I then saw that the first was successful and tried to delete the second , but I don’t seem to have a delete option. I have the option to delete my reply to a thread, but not my original post in a thread. So I moved the dupe to another category. I have flagged the dupe for a moderator to delete.


Well done @rcgrabbag, I know what you’re talking about, cheers