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A Top Feeder that fits under an 8 frame gabbled roof!

Hello. I have been on a search to find a Rapid Round Top-Feeder that would fit under the gabbled roof for an 8 frame Flow Hive, and I FOUND ONE! It’s a Rapid “Square” Top-Feeder that is an inch shorter in length and 1/2" short in height and it fits!!! Here is the link.


Nice! Will you put the sugar water feed in this or only water?

I made a mistake. I don’t believe there is a top feeder that will fit under the 8 frame Flow Hive Gabbled roof. The 10 frame yes, but I was mistaken. I did end up buying a 3 inch shim so I could fit it under the gabbled roof, which will also act as a place to insulate for winter.
As for what I use the rapid round top feeder for–yes, it’s mostly for mineral water and or bananas mixed with Ascorbic Acid Vit C, and a little Reishi Extract for their guts. I did give them sugar for about one week to help the new hive get start but they are cut off now. I don’t believe in long term sugar use for anything Thanks for inquiring. Brad

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Hi Brad, there may not be a commercially made feeder that fits under the 8-frame size gabled roof, but a simple baggie feeder will. About ‘cutting off’ feeding after a time you choose, I would suggest watching the bees for signs they no longer need it. While natural sources are better of course, it’s hard for us humans to accurately gauge nectar flow - even when there are flowers, they could be dry if there’s been little rain, or chilly and damp conditions might make it tougher for a colony to bring in enough. Plus, when it’s chilly they have to go through more food just to keep warm. Bees prefer flower nectar over sugar water any day, so all you have to do is check on your feeder to know if it should be refilled vs removed: if the latter, few to no bees will be bothering with it :slightly_smiling_face:

Your mention of giving bananas to your bees had me looking for this good article to share, that strongly advises against doing that:

I imagine your flow up in NY might be just behind mine here in PA, and it’s gonzo right now! How are your bees doing?

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Thank you so much. I simply added a 3" shim and the feeder fits. And I never intended it to be used for sugar feed because I don’t feed my bees sugar except for one feed when I started with a package. I used it for other feeding methods. NYC where I am at, and NY in general, always seems to have an amazing spring with lots of water for May flowers, and yes, my new hive, which is just now 21 days old, is thriving. In that small window of time they have built out 3.5; 18.5" frames. I am so impressed. They are small cell bees and super tiny bees, so their cells are super small. I just had another beekeeper join me in my last inspection and all he talked about is “How he could not believe how tiny these bees are.” I love them. Super sweet, gentle, beautiful, and productive–and about to explode in numbers. Thanks for reaching out.

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