Beehaus Modification

Reading all these ideas has made me think about using my Omlet Beehaus. It already uses half size supers…4 across the brood frames…so it would be easy to adjust a box to fit the flow frames. I read somewhere that the frames are adjustable down to British National size in width…just need a box deep enough. That would be totally awesome!

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Here are some more specific detail regarding the size and adaptability of the Flow™ frames, I thought you may find useful.

The Flow™ Frames are designed to fit a standard Langstroth deep box. The Flow™ boxes will have the same measurements to the Langstroth deep (8 or 10 frame boxes).

The height of the Flow™ frame is 240mm; this perfectly fits a Langstroth deep box.

The width of the clear fame ends is set to 50mm. The frames are wider which means they hold more honey and the deeper cells discourage the queen from laying should you choose to experiment with no excluder.

In an 8 frame Langstroth - 3 Flow™ frames and 4 standard frames fit well, or 6 Flow™ frames.
In a 10 frame Langstroth - 4 Flow™ frames and 4 standard frames fit well, or 7 Flow™ frames.

A UK National fits 8 shorter Flow™ frames however the depth of the UK National would need to be modified.

The length of the frame is adjustable. We will be posting them out at the standard Langstroth frame length of 480mm. You can however change their length in increments of 12mm by removing some of the frame parts. This means you can adapt the length of the frames to many different sized hives. Or if you want to get really creative you could make a 2m long frame to go in a wall cavity or make a short frame to insert into a hollow tree hive…

Here is the link for our FAQ’s page on our website for modifying hives -

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Thank you…that is most helpful. I am going to enjoy playing when they get here. Having the actual measurements …I can envisage how to do the adaption. Lots of fun next year!

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