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Add a Web Chat feature?


Would it be possible to add a web chat feature so that people who are on at the same time could interact?


I see it has been discussed by some of the developers, but still nothing setup yet. You can receive notifications that let you know instantly when someone replies or sends you a message. (works in firefox at least ).


I get notifications on Chrome as well


I recently joined a different forum totally unrelated to this one. But they had in addition to the web forum a chat module by https://kiwiirc.com/ I think this could add a whole other level of support for people esp people who need or want more immediate feedback. It may also be less intimidating to the “lurkers” in interact live rather then having to put themselves out there in a permanent post on the message boards. It’s a free open source add on, just throwing it out there again.


It works in Safari too. :blush:


I am worried to be honest about spammers, trolls, etc, chatting with people on the forum.
Doesn’t seem as safe…
But I could ask about.