Unrelated Bee chat

For those who wish to chat about their personal lives etc, this is the place for you.


I’m starting to find it difficult to find relevant information on this forum as it seems to be more and more common for members to share their personal lives on here. I feel it’s starting to move away from the original purpose of having a Flow forum. You can send members Private messages if that’s what you need to do, so others don’t need to search through pages of chit chat to find what we need.

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I think if the forum became an instruction manual it would be a sad thing. The Private Message function already exists and thread divergence is often interesting, sometimes irritating but there is always the option of quickly flicking through. The search function works well but if it beats you, you can always post …“help! I can’t find so and so” and somebody will do it for you.
Chit chat makes the world go round and long may it live intermingled with the facts and debate of the forum…in my opinion :wink:


Chat is good as long as it stays on topic or use a different thread is all. :wink: