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Added a brood box but lower box being abandoned and queen not laying in upper


I am having more issues with my Flow hive. I did a really quick check today and they upper box had a lot of bees in it and they were drawing out comb, but i saw no eggs, empty cells. I checked the lower box (i checkerboarded) and saw almost no bees except for on 1 1/2 frames and no comb being drawn. Found the queen down there laying eggs but apparently she couldn’t get to the upper box? So i swapped the upper down to the bottom and put the frame with the queen between two very full frames. I hope this will improve things. Any guidance?


G’day Ryan, I’m wondering if you could be trying to expand the colony too quickly. You need to let the bees expend in their own good time.


They’ve drawn out to the last frames already. I moved the frames together more… i may move them back down to one box and see if they bounce back better… i had that thought too.


Well done Ryan, that sounds like a good idea. cheers:)


Moved the brood together. I’ll check in a week for eggs.


Also gave them a pollen patty and sugar syrup. I don’t think they have enough bees foraging


The number one job of a beekeeper is to help the bees manage space:


I’ll put them back down to one box and see how they do. I am seeing a greater density of bees for sure i just want them to do well.