Added my second box

So after reading a million threads and trying to figure out the best approach on how to add the boxes I ultimately went with @Dawn_SD method and put the new box on the bottom.

I opened up the hive and there were bees on all frames and the first frame I pulled on the end had EPI-PENNY on it which was cool to see her laying all over the place. I have attached pictures of a few of the frames that were in my first box.

Only one issue and I am a dumbass because I didn’t think through this when I added the box below. I set the new box below then set the first box on top but forgot about the comb they built on the bottom. It was on thred frames. So I let it settle in and pushed the three frames lightly down so the top cover could be added back on.

Now I will cross my fingers and hope for the best. I will open it up and check it in a few weeks.


Nice looking brood pattern there. Well done on making a decision and learning from it too. :blush:

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How exciting! It looks so healthy too!

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Thanks y’all. When I checked on them tonight they were heading in and out as normal. Most with legs full of pollen.

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