Newly emerged bees

My hive is growing! I would like to know if the young bees are lighter in color than the older bees? I got to see a baby bee chewing it’s way out today and I got a kick out of it. I noticed some smaller lighter in color :honeybee: :honeybee::honeybee::honeybee:bees and just wondered. My girls are Italians. Thank you for insights.

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Yes lighter because they have more hair on the thorax. It’s very noticeable on drones :smile:


I’m feeling like I’m in a pickle because I think my bees exploded in population. I have an additional 8 frame brood box but only 5 frames until my order arrives. During my inspection yesterday they were everywhere even standing on the wood. I’m tempted to put the additional box on but fear they might build comb where it’s not a good place to.


Did you inspect your brood box ?? Was it appro 80% bullt our ?! If not you have time … Is there someone you know nearby (a mentor or fellow beekeeper) that might be able to loan or give you the extra frames ?

I’ve had to help n loan/give some out a couple times. Wish you lived nearby I’d give you enough if needed … How soon do you expect to get them ?! Wishing you good luck !! Make sure you need them ! Maybe you still have a couple days. Take care :honeybee::honeybee::honeybee::honeybee:

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It’s raining so hard this weekend I think they might stay put. I don’t know if bees venture out in heavy rains. Worse case I put the next brood box on with 5 frames I guess. Thanks for the suggestion! :grinning:

Martha, if you do have to put super with only 5 frames … Worst case you’ll get some creative honeycomb. :+1::exclamation:

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Got the super on with 8 frames as it was the first day that was dry. I called a commercial grower and he was my hero with the extra frames. Seems like internet suppliers are bogged down with orders.


Glad someone came thru for you ! :+1:. There’s a lot of great people from all walks of life in beekeeping n most willing to help !

I try to keep 20 to 30 unmade around just in case. I keep a full 8 frame hive ready n 3 wooden double deep Nuc’s ready … Never know when a swarm might pop in.

I gave one frantic beekeeper 8 made frames last year. He could get any n really was hurting hive wise if he could find. Luck I heard.

Glad your issue is solved !

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Thanks for fretting for me! The drive I took to get those frames was epic! I’m once again grateful for 4 wheel drive. :slightly_smiling_face:

Wow ! Martha … Need to make a small movie on the epic adventure ! Glad it was accomplished safely ! :+1::exclamation:

Just popped the tops/roofs to check on my new Nuc’s. They are really sucking it up ! This Saturday I’m going to do my first deep hive inspection of these new colonies. I waited two weeks so the could get a good brood pattern started …

Here’s several pix’s from my top-feeder checks… Good thing I looked … One was down to only moisture, n two nearly dry ! They are really sucking down the syrup now !

Have a great rest of the week,

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