Chair bees abandoned box

Excited to get some images of the nuc that is being put together for me.


Mate that’s looking ripe for a bigger box. We’ll done.

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Nice looking brood frame… Looks like a lot of bees. Not sure what is in that frame !? Is it brood (capped, open or eggs or mixed ?

So got a call from mentor today, neighbors have a hive in a camp chair! Met on site and donned a spare bee suit (first time) to help move into my box. We didn’t find Queen but comb showed plenty of youngin’s,pollen and honey. Plan is to put a new box on top with frames once this one filled out.


Went to collect bees tonight and they had taken flight,abandoned! Maybe we missed the queen? Thoughts?

Was there any brood in comb that you have their? If not, they may have been queenless and then decided to either move on to a better location or go about to their original hive. It happens sometimes.

Interesting swarm find. Congrats ! Thanks for the pix’s.

They’ve been located, this time in a polystyrene box . Hoping to investigate tomorrow.

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So this is them! We are thinking of putting this mdf lid straight on top of my bottom box then another underneath with frames once filling it out or What’s everyone think about squeezing some frames in the box with the lid straight on?

I’ve heard people doing cuts outs but if you can do as you have and cut the board the combs are on - even better!

Looks good

Turn the whole lot upside down (so that the wood you are holding is now the floor) and put a new box on top. I’d mix foundation and starter strips but it’s OK to use just foundation. When the bees draw the comb the queen will be straight up there. Then put a QX in place and wait for the brood to emerge and take the old natural comb away.

So use the Flow Hive super top cover (the one with the circular hole) as the lid? They can get out via that hole or seal it off and chiesel a new hole in that crappy old MDF they have built on?

Just had another look at the pictures I took and its making more sense what you are saying Dee😊 just wish I had a second box!! Maybe that polystyrene one will hold the weight of my flow box until they move on up, I’ll have to cut a hole in it of course.

Thanks for the feedback beeks.

Yes, that’s what I would do.
I’m sure the poly box will hold the weight of the flow, particularly if you don’t put the gabled roof on which must weigh a bit.