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Adding a second deep onto my flow hive in Alaska! (Video)


Week 6. I checkerboarded them as best I could. Left the frame with the queen in the lower deep to prevent anything happening to her. Tell me what you think!

Also i got some heavy 100% cotton cuttings from a textile maker (before any treatments or anything added) for smoker fuel and they work great and smolder a very long time. I could have had one smoker going for 45 minutes plus!


Hey Bro,

Love hearing your little one kind of interested. You need to get a small sized bee suit ! Teach them young n maybe they’ll help a lot later. I enjoy teaching adults n kids about beekeeping.

loved watching your flix !

Cheers Bro,



Yeah they are 4 and 3 a bit too young i think. She was probably 8 feet away and i don’t want them getting stung. The hive has calmed considerably since i requeened it and the smoke helped. I plan on getting them into it when they are older.


Just checked Maple Hive with the brood box swap-out n 2rd super addition. They are very busy bringing in nectar n pollen from our heavy wild blackberry flow here in Western Washington !

Now I’m cleaning up n getting my Obs Hive ready for a short class at our Water District office later this month.

Uploading… Lots to do today … Ta ta everyone,


My 4 and 5 year old come about 1-2 meters from our huve while I’m doing inspections. They seem only interested in me and the kids have never been stung


Good to know :slight_smile: Since i smoked them this time they are alot better. The flow hive has been pissy before that… in fact i had a bee attack my head at probably 100 feet not even near the hives a few weeks ago… but they were queenless then so i understand. Requeened a while ago and alot calmer.


I am getting ready to add second brood boxes on both of my hives. I have read a little about checker boarding. Is that the best method when adding the second box brood frames as opposed to putting bare frames in the second brood box? I have both foundation less and frames that have beeswax foundation in them.

Is it better to checkerboard or just place the brood box with empty frames on as the second box?


From my limited experience they draw out the frames between the already drawn frames alot faster. They want to get their hive back to how it was so i think it gets them going better. In three days i’ve already seen 6 inch pieces of comb on the foundationless frame that i put in, i think that’s pretty good. It makes them go up there to tend their brood too so there’s bees in the upper box already and they go from there.