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Advice on Posting


I am about to post my assembly post but not sure about photos.
Clicking the upload button I can upload an image but

  1. How do you upload multiple photos
  2. Assuming I reduce the size to about 1Mb how many photos per post.
  3. After the allowance has been exceeded I gather I just make “post 2”
  4. Can I say, write some, then post picture, write some more, post another picture
    or do all pictures get posted at bottom.

I know that by just banging on in there I would figure it all out but when your on a very tight budget
of download bandwidth (in the bush with only mobile wireless internet from a 10m high antenna) I don’t want a whole lot of photos roaming around the ether at the expense of my internet bandwidth. I am down for the new satellite so things will be better soon.

Thanks for any advice


You should be able to down load the images using the icon in the reply area but one at a time or Not sure if others can Copy and past in download area

Click on the Arrow up symbol 7th icon along


The pictures upload as a bit of code that you can type above, below or, in between. Uploading multiple pics is the same as uploading one pic. As to max pictures I really don’t know the answer to that question exactly. But yes you can just create another response inside your original message and continue posting.


Thanks Valli and adagna for your replys. Just been taking photo so will be giving you a look at my hive shortly.