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After a year of learning/waiting, beekeeping Day 1 has arrived!

Wow, time flies (like a bee!). I got two Flow Hives last year and have been eagerly anticipating Day 1 this year. I waited a year in order to learn as much as I could about beekeeping before I dove in. Well, Day 1 has come and gone, and so far so good. Bees look happy buzzing around their new homes. I bombarded the area around the hives with topsoil and wildflower seeds, so that should keep the bees happy. I put together a short video of the area prep, nuc collection, hive, stands, etc., mainly as a video ‘diary’ and a way to share experiences. Looking forward to learning from you more experienced beekeepers both here and at my local beekeeper club!



Hi and welcome, there is heaps on advice on many different topics so enjoy. Perhaps you might like to introduce yourself in the introductions section so people know a bit more about you.


Looks good :slight_smile: If you can get a camera rigged inside the hive I’m sure there would be more than one of us interested :slight_smile:


Thanks! Didn’t know there was an Introduction section. I’m learning from you folks already!

That would be cool. Not sure where I’d have room for it?

Congratulations and good luck!

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Love your hive set up… I too am a Newbee and have learned so much from my new friends in our bee club. Also I would love to have your plans for the hive stands. I have mine on cinderblocks and really like yours better. If you are open to share post it…Welcome and sending wishes of best of luck.

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Hi there! I didn’t use any plans. I just got some cedar planks and 4x4 cedar posts from the local Lowes. The long pieces are 6ft in length, and the cross pieces are just long enough so that the hive bottom boards hang over a little bit front and back to make it easy to grab and lift if necessary. I used deck screws to fasten all the pieces together. Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions…

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