Hoping to begin beekeeping soon!

Hello! I am very new to bees, but I found a deal on hives that I couldn’t resist. I am planning on getting bees either this spring or next spring after I’m done researching how to care for them properly. I can’t wait to get started on this beekeeping adventure! If anybody has any recommendations of where to begin research, I would be very appreciative. This seems like a very kind community!


Welcome aboard ! Beekeeping is a interest n amazing hobby. There’s tons of videos n internet info. I like Beekeeping for Dummied as one good read n resource. There’s a lot of other books too.

What turned you on to Beekeeping?! What cheap beehive equipment you get ?! I started with three hives two seasons ago. Having more than one hive give you the ability to
share resourses among the hives if one gets weak or has issues.

Here’s a bees eye view of some of my hives. Also I’d check local city n county codes on Beekeeping as well. You don’t want to get the cart ahead of the horse.

Good luck n enjoy learning,


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While youtube is a good source it’s also full of fools who show off. In my opinion it’s best used when you have a little experience and can sort the wheat from the chaff.
The best thing you can do by far is to join a beekeeping club, get some theory under your belt and shadow a beekeeper from next Spring. Beekeeping clubs in the UK run theory classes in the winter and have a training apiary for the newbies to work on from Springtime. They should also supply a mentor. I don’t know if that happens in The States. By early summer you’ll be ready for that first nuc of bees. Good luck

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Thank you! I have been reading and watching videos for a while now.
So, long story short, someone near me acquired a bunch of beehives (he didn’t know exactly how many, but I’m guessing around 75 supers and brood boxes) and he didn’t know what to do with them. He was selling them for 300 dollars total, but I told him I was interested and bargained him down to 250. I picked them up in 2 separate trips. They need a bit of work, but I think I can do it. My plan is to fix them up and paint them and sell them, keeping a couple hives for me. I want to take all the old used wax out and make candles, chapstick and soaps out of it. The main reasons why I want bees is because I really love honey and I think I could get some profit from it, and I like the idea of helping to raise the number of bees. Many people around me raise bees, so I know here aren’t any legal boundaries.
Your hives are beautiful! :slight_smile:

One of my good family friends offered to show me his beehives, so I will probably do that :smiley: I’m excited to get started

Good luck ! A lot of work but worth the effort if you can spare the time.


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Dees correct … you do have to wade your ways thru the foolish crap a lot. I’m guessing my youth experiences of my teen years steered me to the better vids.

And a good solid experienced mentor n bee club is the very Best way to keep on track n minimized to screw-ups ! Thankz Dee !

Ta ta,