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After Installing a Nuc

Continuing the discussion from CALIFORNIA FLOW keepers:


I just installed a Nuc, yesterday, in my Flow hive. Can anyone tell me when to indirect then again? Also should I treat them for mites and SHB? The place where I got the bees from told me that these bees got their last treatment in fall (last year). All suggestions are welcome for a first time bee keeper.

I presume that is “inspect”? I would give them a week or two to settle in.

As far as treatments go, I don’t know if you have SHB as far north as you are. If your local beekeepers do, then yes you may need traps, but you should also keep the hive strong and try not to squash bees.

Mite treatment you definitely need to do. I highly recommend Randy Oliver’s cellulose sponge method. It is very simple and amazingly effective, with no chance of resistance developing. Again I would wait a couple of weeks before you do it:

One other thing, you may need to feed them unless you have a fabulous nectar flow right now. When you next inspect, if they are not drawing comb on the extra frames you put in the hive, I would definitely feed them.