Alaskan Beekeepr

Happy New Year everyone.
My name is Matt. I’ve been a beekeeper for about 3 years. I am really excited about the Flow Hive. I was an early backer, but didn’t get my frames in time to use last season. Looking forward to trying them out this summer. I do wonder how effective they will be since our nectar flow has such a short window up here.

I really enjoy seeing everyone’s experience with the Flow Hive frames and look forward to seeing some more pictures and videos now that I actually got arou nd to signing up for the forum.

I am looking forward to mine too.
There may be issues with the system in the UK as well. We have a lot of Oil Seed Rape planted even on the margins of towns where a lot of hobby beekeepers keep their bees in their back gardens.
The weather here is not conducive to prolonged forage periods either.
It will be a nice toy to play with though.

Hello Matt,
I am a first year beekeeper with a Flow Hive. My next door neighbor has traditional hives.
We are actually learning the Flow Hive together.
I live in south Anchorage and am wondering where you are located in Alaska?
I would love to discuss our climate and short season with you.