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Ready for Winter Hive Building!

A local lumber yard let this 1"x12" lumber go for 50 cents/foot! That’s an incredible price. 268 linear feet in that stack. When they learned what was being built, they offered an even better deal next time if we brought back honey. :wink:


Sweeet!!! Now you need a deal on some paint. I have a bunch of leftover interior paint that I used to tint up the exterior stuff I have, and thought I could use still more of the interior if I urethaned it…Just curious, will you assemble some hives or just get all the parts ready?

Looks like you’re making a few hives there :wink:

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I think @Bobby_Thanepohn is thoroughly addicted to beekeeping! :smile:


Yup, when I posted before I was trying to think of a nicer way to ask what the heck he did with all his time before he got into beekeeping :sweat_smile:

He bugged his teenage kids… :smile:

Probably true…but if he’s anything like me, it’s worse now - “hey kids, I did a hive inspection today!!” - and, “did you know, bees (blah blah blah)” :nerd_face:

Oops paint from the big box stores will do. I find an eclectic mix of colored hive bodies appealing - and I see how necessity can cause that :slight_smile:

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I am :slight_smile: my goal is 25 hives.


I used to fish, kayak, camp, go gold panning, hike etc.

Now…it’s bees. I still bug my teenage kids. Never giving that up.

Fortunately, hunting takes place during winter.


We are having a hunting camp reunion this weekend. Sold the big tent two years back, got to be too much for everyone. And it really is the second weekend of deer here on the west side of Washington…it’s the second week of Deer Camp and all the guys are here, we drink, play cards and shoot the bull but never shoot no deer…it’s the greatest time of year.

If your looking for paint you can also check craigslist. There are usually people trying to give left over paint away for free.