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And She's Back!


About two months ago someone wanted a few nucs. So I grabbed a few frames of brood, one of pollen, one of honey, and the queen, placed them in a nuc box. I let them settle for a few days. Went in marked the queen and just as my hand hit the top bars of the frames to release the queen, she flew off. I was so shocked, I didn’t see exactly where she went. I searched the tall grass around the apiary for an hour. I even checked the other 6 hives near by. Nothing. Gone.
I figured that’s life and they’ll raise a new queen. I go through those hives last week to check for eggs and there she is, back in her original hive. I know it’s her because I don’t usually mark my queens. It was a buyer request.
I love beekeeping, it’s hot and sticky but there is always something to learn.


If you ever lose a queen like that the best thing to do is to stand there for half hour or so with the hive. She uses you as a landmark and is almost always back when you next go in. It happens quite often


Good to know. Thanks.
I thought she didn’t approve of the nuc box. She flew from the nuc back to her original hive.


Well she has flown to and from her old box before hasn’t she? :smiley: