The Girls are Home!

I picked my girls up at Kelley Bee Co. in Kentucky yesterday, after a one week supplier delay. I put the 5 frame nuc in the box yesterday. I’ve had SO much fun thus far! Here are a few pix… this is in memory of a good friend that passed away recently. I know she would love all of this.

I’ll let 'em ‘bee’ for a week, the decide what the next step should be. The nuc frames are stuffed, so I’m going to have to decide to add another brood box or add the Flow frames.


G’day Ray, welcome to beekeeping.

It’s a great garden you put your hive in. The only drawback would be that the flowers might get in the way of you doing inspections etc.


Thanks and I thought of that as well. I’ll just have to bee careful!

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You should seriously consider giving your growing colony a second brood box, rather than the super. They’ll need plenty of honey/pollen stores to survive your winter. Store your Flow super and if all goes well you can use it next year. Good luck.


Thanks for checking in and that is exactly my plan! I’ve already got the extra brood box ready to go as soon as they girls fill out the other frames.

I really appreciate your reply!