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And they're home!


Wow well i survived the drive with a car full of bees - and some of them escaped too!! A friend came over and helped me settle them in, so hoping it will be fine now. my children seem genuinely interested too which is nice! I’m not going to disturb them for a few days, and they are all over my mini wildflower meadow. I will probably replace the feeder in a day or two once i’m feeling brave again!

I did get a sting annoyingly - i carried the sheet that i wrapped the hive in the car and there was a bee stuck in it! oops!

So pleased to have them home though!


Congratulations and well done! The first sting of the year is usually the worst for me. Love the bright pink “bee hive carrier”! :smile:


It’s actually the top of a disposable barbecue stand!! i love pink!


Did you drive in a veil! Got my giggle of the day picturing that!


Funny how many stings are “accidental” like that one. Good job, now to let them settle in.



Good you must be pleased. Is that a queen excluder over the front?
Just a small tip or two. The entrance should be reduced this time of year to prevent robbing and it would be better if the hive was a little higher to keep the damp away. If you’ve got that sorted then apologies in advance


Its a mouse guard and i think it is the right size for a queen excluder too. it is definitely off the ground - how high would you recommend? I can stick another few bricks underneath if necessary!


I’ not sure what you mean about reducing the entrance actually… can you explain? x


Yes try a few more bricks. The hive would benefit from being up from the damp of our weather. It’s too early for mouse guards. We are still in wasp and bee robbing season and having a multiple entrance like that means the guards have to police every slot which is nigh on impossible you need an entrance block giving you a hole 8mm(a bee space) X 5cm at this time of year


Thats interesting - they actually put that on for me at the apiary. do you mean one beespace hole every 5 cm? I will just raise it up another brick level - will have to get hubby to help, i’m not sure how he will feel about that!!


No. One slot 5cm long 8mm high. Have a look at some of the pictures of others hives here. Have a look here Entrance reducer


Thanks Dee - could i just block off part of the existing mouse guard? or take it off and use something else to shrink the entrance? i’ve got some mesh i can pin across (i used it to shut them in before i brought them home).
I know i’ve got a lot to learn!


Doesn’t need to be mesh just a piece of wood even, have a look at these posts


I’ve seen the pics, it’s just that i have a piece of mesh that will fit and i can attach in about 30 seconds lol! wood will take more effort!! Would mesh be ok?


It depends on size, they may still feel the need to guard the whole length? I’m not really sure on that as I haven’t used it myself. It can be one piece of wood that blocks most of length, leaving space at the end. Someone used a couple of chopsticks glued together.
You’ve just brought home & set up your hive, in comparison finding/buying a bit of wood (most hardware stores will cut pieces for you) to push into entrance is not really very hard :wink:


A piece of sponge stuffed in the entrance will do till you get a block in place


If it really is queen excluder size, your hive’s drones are going to be in trouble - they won’t be able to get out and will probably kill themselves trying. :astonished: You can measure the gaps, if they are less than 5mm wide, that could be a problem.

When we kept bees in the UK, we used mouse guards like these - just attach with drawing pins, and close off any unneeded holes with duct tape/gaffer tape etc.

In the US, for my non-Flow hive I like this type, because you can slide the metal closure across to reduce the entrance very easily:

I doesn’t really work on the Flow hive though, so my friend Jerry (@Gerald_Nickel) helped design one like this:

I actually cut the entry a bit bigger than the photo - now about 100mm wide.

It is 9mm tall at the back, 10.5mm tall at the front and about 320mm long. It needs this slope from front to back so that it wedges tightly into the sloping entrance of the hive. I did it with a sander in about 10 mins, and it looks like this from the end: