Week Two inspection

Inspected both of our hives tonight. The first hive we did not see the queen but did find some larvae. Most was toward the bottom of the frames. Saw some eggs in other spots but not as many as I would like. Weather is getting better here so hopefully things will pick up with the first hive. The second hive is looking really good. The pictures below are from the second hive. Only issue we had was the comb that was built from the top of the frames up thru the feeder. I placed the inner cover on top of the frames and then put the feeder on top of that. Probably not the last mistake I will make.


Nice queen in the second photo down. Thank you for sharing!

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Well done John, those bees look fantastic. You got some beautiful shots of that queen.

Learning by mistakes is probably the most effective way to learn something.

Good luck with it, cheers

Leggo my Eggo! :smile:

Nice photos, thanks for sharing