Ants or termites? How can I get rid of them?

I haven’t been out for the past week or so to check on my hives as the weather has been so horrible in Brisbane. I went out today and there were SO MANY ANTS coming out the back of the hive and lots of little bits of wood/? And then it occurred to me they might be termites? Does anyone know what they might be or have any suggestions as to how to get rid of them please? Thank you!

HI Rosie I am in Brisbane also. My bottom board and the lower edge of the brood box is starting to rot. Its the shavings of the box as the ants move in to rotted sections.
I ordered a new bottom board and made a new brood box to fit once the weather is better.
The older flow hives get a lot of moisture in the rear at the corflute slider in particular if it is protruding a bit.
I am going to make sure I raise it off the stand so there is a gap under for it dry out better. Our older hive is probably 5 years old now. Good luck.