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Any apiarist' here in southwestern Wisconsin?


New to bee keeping, have a few questions. Just trying to find some locals who may be of some help!


Hi there - I am not local to Wisconsin (I’m in CT), I have not started beekeeping yet. I have heard that I will have trouble with the Flow Hive because it will be too cold in October for the honey to flow. I think WI and CT probably have about the same temperature in the fall. Are you using the Flow Hive? Is this a problem? Thank you!


I am surprised that people in Wisconsin are harvesting in October (seems quite late), but I have a couple of comments.

  1. Because the Flow super is on top of the hive, and the bees heat the hive to some extent, the honey will be much warmer than the outside air temperature and will probably flow anyway.
  2. You can easily remove the Flow super from the hive, bring it into the kitchen and drain it inside if you really want to.