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Is there anyone in CT or Cape Cod or other parts of Southern New England or Eastern NY?

HI - I have not started beekeeping yet, but I’m very interested and may want to go with the Flow Hive. Is there anyone in Connecticut or Massachusetts or Eastern New York who is using the Flow Hive? I would like to hear about your experience. The beekeepers in the area (who were very negative when I said I wanted to try Flow Hive) suggested that it’s too cold in October for the honey to flow.

@Michael_Bush has used Flow frames much further north than that, and had no problems that he has mentioned. :wink:


:smile: Got to chuckle a little … Here on the form we hear about the negative attitude a lot. But non… No not one has ever had one to compare theirs n the FlOw.

As I’ve said more than once … You guys, the local bee dudes), give it a break ! :wink:. These dudes really don’t have a clue. Flow-hive is just a standard 8 frame Langstroth hive that we add a special Flow-super that has all plastic frames. If most of those complaining/negative dude would admit it. They probably have or had either plastic frames or used plastic foundation.

No Sweat Lauren … Go with the Flow ! It will save you buying all that extraction stuff n cleanup. Now who’s laughing ! :blush:

Today I’m building a 7 frame (not the normal 6) Flow-Super to add on top of one of my 10 frame Langstroth hives. Here’s a few pics.

. This new Super was my Christmas gift from my wife but just getting to the point I needed to get it assembled n ready for summer !

Ohhh … I’ve got a lot of those Doubters out here too but at 72 years I really don’t care. And every time we meet they ask if they can come and see me harvest. Just a bunch of Curious George’s ! :sunglasses:. I love it ! Bring those Doubters on ! Even some years the conventional boys have crappy luck n things don’t work as planned ! :yum:

Cheers n enjoy the Flow !

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It is too cold in October for the honey to flow… Your honey flow is probably in June. You should not put the supers on until the spring buildup is almost over and the flow is about to start. Probably near the end of May…

I’ll be curious to follow this thread as the summer goes on, I have a Flow Hive on a friend’s property in Acushnet Mass. Waiting to pick up bees early May from Wood’s Bees - Rhode Island company.

All the local beekeepers that I have spoken to have no experience with the Flow Hive, so I’d like to keep in touch with New England beekeepers for some advice on local issues that pop up. Mainly sweating the crazy weather.

I have also found that none of the experienced beekeepers have any experience with the Flow Hive (but thus far, they have a universally negative opinion!).

I have decided to get a regular Langstroth hive and if I am successful this summer and they bees survive the winter, I will replace the super with a Flow Hive. It’s such an expensive hobby to start, I want to be sure that I can do it successfully before investing more. Plus, I feel like I need to get a 6 foot fence in my yard because I live in such a dense neighborhood.

I hope that you are very successful, Alexander.

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I’m located in CT. My daughter and I started beekeeping about 3 years ago. We have two separate hives in two locations and one is going to be a Flowhive. We had one at each location die. Last year I installed the flow hive late in the year just to see how far the bees got in filling in the gaps. Not too far. This spring, I still have one hive that looks to be doing very well. I just unwrapped it and installed a feeder. In a couple weeks I will rotate the deeps and install the flow hive on top. I will post pictures when installed.

Hi @ouelled47 - I’m in Hamden CT (and on the Cape). I have a hive (CT) that I started in April 2017. I do not yet have a Flow, I’m planning to see how I do this summer and if I successfully over-winter, then I’ll add the Flow next spring. I also want to see how people do with the Flow in New England. My local beekeeper association was very negative (but, I take it with a grain of salt). I added the second deep brood box, but think it might have been premature. Have you been successful over the past three years? Thanks, Lauren