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Any Flow Hive deals in Uganda?

Any Flow Hive deals in Western Uganda?

I studied Social Work and Social Administration from Makerere University (graduated 2010) and I have completed Master of Socio-Economics & Community Management (MSECM) from Bishop Stuart University. I want to do business that is informed by my professions. My masters degree research topic was “Social Enterprises and their Effects on Meeting Community needs: A Case Study of Educate! Uganda in Bushenyi Municipality.”
I am excited to do as well as popularize beekeeping using Flow-hive technique to farmers in greater Bushenyi, Uganda, who are engaged in coffee growing and agro-forest. The Flow-hive beekeeping technique will help farmers to leverage the acreage dividend of lands committed to coffee and ago-forestry activities. These same coffee and ago-forestry lands will employ the youth with growing nectar-rich flowers from which bees will be collecting nectar for honey production.

As such, I would like to know and link up with dealers of Flow Hive in Uganda, if any, or in East African Region.