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Anyone based in Oxfordshire, UK?


My wife and I received a flow hive as a wedding present and we are hoping to get it up an running this spring. The hive is built just awaiting the bees!!

We wondered if there is anyone local to us? Based in a village just south of Oxfordshire near Wallingford.

Thanks, Dan

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For sure there is a beekeeping association near you and this is the time of year that they would be running beginners classes.
The flow hive is just a different way of extracting honey but the principles of beekeeping are the same whatever hive type you have.


Hi Dan,

Congratulations on your marriage! I trust it will be a long and happy one and I’m sure beekeeping will be a wonderful shared experience for you and your wife.

Here is a map showing some locations around the world where clubs and associations have demo Flow Hives set up. Having said that, there may well be other clubs closer to you, and as Jim pointed out, the principles are the same as for beekeeping with traditional hives :slight_smile:

I hope that you get some local responses here too.

Happy beekeeping!

Thank you for your replies!

I have just signed up/awaiting a response for membership to the Oxfordshire bee keeping association.

Being a complete novice I think a beginner class is a good idea. I’ll look some up. Thanks again.


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Hi Dan

I live outside Bicester. If you need hands on then msg me. Happy to give you my number to call too. Happy New Year

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You might like to join flow hive uk on Facebook. You will see some names on here on U.K. too. It’s UK based clearly and therefore more U.K. but this forum gives more depth and gets different opinions on matters not discussed in U.K.