Any Nucs available

Finally got around to building my Flow Hive now I just need some bees. In High Range NSW (near Bowral and Berrima). Anyone out there with any nucs for sale?

Hi Andrew, have you joined a local club? As they will be able to assist in locating a supply of bees in your area.

Unless you have had your name down to pre-order a Nuc you may have some trouble locating one as there are lengthy waiting lists throughout the Sydney region. The other method to get bees is to collect a swarm or ask a club member if they would be prepared to split off part of their hive for you.
But you never know unless you start asking around, someone may be prepared to sell you something, just be wary of disease, there is a bit of it going around at the moment.

Google "Bees for sale nsw "

Thanks Rodderick yes I have done that

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Thanks busso yes done that

A couple of hours drive but Bindaree Bee Supplies website says they still have nucs available.

This is deposit for when the nucs are available (will most likely be a waiting list). I still think it’s a little early in the season for nucs and there is definitely massive demand this year… I have seen some very long waiting lists!

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